Motilal Oswal India Opportunity Portfolio Strategy

The Strategy aims to generate long term capital appreciation by creating a focused portfolio of high growth stocks having the potential to grow more than the nominal GDP for next 5-7 years across market capitalization and which are available at reasonable market prices.

Strategy Construct

Investment Horizon:

Long Term (3 Years +)

Allocations - Market Capitalisation


Number of Stocks:

Around 25 stocks for a portfolio

For Whom

Investors who like to invest with a Long-term wealth creation view.

Scrip Allocation:

Not more than 12% in a single stock

Sector Allocation Limit

35% in a sector

Investment Philosophy

Focus on Return on Net Worth

Companies which are likely to earn 20-25 % on its net worth going forward

Balance between growth and value

QGLP approach to buying right stocks. Quality, Growth, Longetivity & Price

Focused Strategy Construct

20-25 stocks for a portfolio

Margin of safety

To purchase a piece of great business at a fraction of its true value.

Bottom Up Approach

To identify potential long-term wealth creators by focusing on individual companies and their management bandwidth.

Long-term investment View

Strongly believe that Money is made by investing for the long term


Data as on 31-08-2023

*Since inception, Motilal Oswal India Opportunity Portfolio Strategy has delivered a CAGR of 9.08% vs. S & P BSE 500 TRI returns of 12.66%

Outperformance of -3.58% (CAGR)

*Strategy Inception Date: 15-02-2010. NA


Industry Classification

Industry Classification as recommended by AMFI

Top 10 holding

Data as on 31-8-2023

Fund Manager

Rakesh Tarway


Mr. Tarway has 17 years of experience in equity markets as Analyst and Head of Research. He has worked with Motilal Oswal Securities Limited as Analyst and Head of Retail Products. Prior to joining, Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Limited, he had worked as Head Of Research for Reliance Securities Limited.

Other funds managed by him

  • Motilal Oswal Focused Midcap Strategy
  • Motilal Oswal India Opportunity Portfolio V2 Strategy

Strategy Details

Strategy Type:

open ended

Date of inception



S & P BSE 500 TRI





Valuation Point


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